Every year during autumn, I smell that wonderful leafy scent and it takes me back to my childhood.  I’d pretend to help my dad rake the leaves just so I could be outside, and every time he’d get a pile gathered worth mentioning, I’d run and jump into it to obliterate it back into the mess it all began as.  Ahhh, the good times…  I was lucky; he’d keep raking them back into a heap for me anyhow, knowing full well every time I’d promise not to do it again, I was obviously lying.  Even in my 30s, I’m more than happy to destroy a perfectly raked pile of leaves.  Just because I’ve grown older doesn’t mean I’ve grown up.

This year, I’m watching my newly planted leaf trees, and thinking disappointedly, “That’s surely not going to produce a worthy heap.”  Today, I started thinking about stealing the leaves from my in-laws and bringing them to my own yard.  I don’t think they’d mind.  And then I thought about the Fall Fest being planned for next year.  Since my leaves still won’t be substantial enough to give a good effect, I may steal their leaves again next year.  Sure, a clear path is nice, but crunching through and smelling leaves, in my mind, is far better!  Yep, that sounds like a plan!

I’ve also started gathering supplies I need for next year so everyone gets to have a memorable time!  Sure, I’m a planner.  But mostly I do it because the idea of waiting a whole year to do all these awesome things… I don’t have the patience for that!  What I want to do is make this event fun for anyone, whether you’ve come to start some early Christmas shopping or if you’re just taking the family for an inexpensive day out of the house.  I want to have stuff to do that’s free and you-can’t-wait-till-next-year-either fun!  I’m going to see if I can convert my black thumb into a green one, and perhaps grow myself a little patch of gourds for painting.  I want the hayride to remind the adults of their childhood days, and give the kids something to remember long into their adulthood.

There will also hopefully be some stands of just cool and fun things to do.  Like sand art!  I’m using my kids as guinea pigs to see if they think it’s as much fun as I did as a child and, frankly – still do today.  These activities will be inexpensive.  Basically the cost to do it will cover what it cost me to make it available to you.  Translation:  CHEAP!  And game stands of ping pong toss or balloon popping.  Good old games that anyone can do!

I’ve had a few people who have a craft they make or a side business they do ask to set up a table.  Why, sure!  The more, the merrier!  So far, I’m pretty confident of a few crafters.    I have one dear friend who makes her own occasion cards – birthday, wedding, etc.  They’re gorgeous and truly remarkable!  A work of art in it’s own envelope-sized right!  Another friend of mine sells pampering products by a company called POSH that are incredible all on their own, but by purchasing these products, you’re supporting American made goods.  Does it get better than that?!?!?  A doTERRA essential oils representative has also contacted me.  I personally love doTERRA and have my own medicine cabinet that’s strictly doTERRA oils.  I swear by my fever concoction as well as my “ANTI” mix.  And the rep that’s shown interest is a microbiologist, so she can explain the mechanics of how these oils that are sweeping the world work!

The spectrum of vendors will be wide open!  If you’d like to participate, I’d like to have you!  If you have any thoughts you’d like me to know, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  I want to make this fun for as many people as I possibly can, so I’m more than open to suggestions!  Thanks for visiting, and come back often as I continue to prepare you for the GREATEST FALL FEST OF 2017 I CAN POSSIBLY PLAN!!!

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