As the time draws near

Hello again!  Although I don’t check in as often as I should, please know that preparations are in absolute order for Cheyenne Fall Fest for this year!  Who knew it took so much work?!?!?  Cheyenne Fall Fest is going to hopefully become a yearly event where we can all enjoy the crisp breeze of the season change, support local businesses, and also take the kiddos out to an event that won’t cost a dog gone thing just to walk in the gate!  For that matter, we don’t even have a gate! There will be lots of small games and events for kids from 1 to 91 to participate that won‘t cost one red cent!

Right now, we’re printing the flyers and seeking vendors!  If you have a craft you’d like to sell, please do get in contact with me.  This is a free event for vendors and for visitors.  Vendors, there’s no set up fee as you’d typically see at a craft fair.  The only cost you may have is if you need me to rent a table for you, simply because I don’t have enough tables for everyone!  What I will charge vendors, though, will only be what it costs me to rent the tables.  Nothing more.  RobinHood

My particularly handy husband is still in the process of making my cider press, but it’s in the works!  We’ll have FRESH PRESSED CIDER for sale by the glass.  I’ve got a local farmer in mind even to provide the apples!  We’ll also have a free hayride that goes around the beautiful land we call home.  We’ll be doing a petting zoo will be free.  Tic Tac Toe will be free.  And the food stand games that we, as the hosts, are setting up will cost no more than what it cost us to get the supplies.  Just good old fun, the way it should be! 

Some of the vendors I believe I have lined up right now include POSH Pampering products (which I personally use and love – thank you Jennifer Dunn!), doTERRA essential oils (again, I have a cabinet FULL of these little bottles of amazing), Paparazzi Jewelry, homemade arts and crafts – crochet, knitting, woodworking, etc. -, Mountain Man Candy Company, and so much more!  I’m hoping to have Black Dog Animal Rescue bring a few of their adoptable beauties, because really?  Who doesn’t love furry faces? 

Friends, I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!  I want people to come to have fun, and not have to pay out the nose!  I want you to enjoy the beauty that our Wyoming has to offer!  I want you to bring your kids, knowing they’ll have an incredible time without having to spend a dime! This is going to be fun!  Please let me know if you’re interested in hearing moreWyobeauty!

Thank you so much for your support!




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