Giving Back

Part of what makes the Cheyenne community so great is how they help each other GIving backflourish and succeed!  We saw much success at the 2017 Fall Fest, and are hoping to match that again this year!  Last year, we donated a portion of the proceeds from our food stand back to Black Dog Animal Rescue.

This year, we’d like to add to that.  For 2018, we will be a dedicated donation site for One Warm Coat.  We’ll accept your coats you no longer wear that are collecting dust in the back of your closet at Fall Fest this year.  We’ll have several drop boxes available for anyone who would like to donate!  The coats donated will go right back to our own community to those who need it most!

Next, we’re going to be a donation location for the Friday Food Bags, which gives kids in our schools food to help them through the weekend.  Unfortunately, some kids only have the meals offered at school, so over the weekends, holidays, and summer vacation, they don’t have a reliable food source.  The Friday Food Bags supply these kids with a little extra, something so they don’t go hungry.  As soon as I have the list of foods needed for this program, I will post that information.  We’ll have collection boxes for this program as well.

Most of the Cheyenne locals are familiar with the Comea Shelter for the homeless.  With winter coming shortly after Fall Fest, the shelter will fill up.  The Comea Shelter offers people a hand during those hard times.  They, too, rely upon the generous donations from the community.  We’ve been told they are in constant need of toiletries and personal hygiene items.  Even if it’s a travel bottle of shampoo, they’re thrilled!

There is absolutely no obligation for anyone to donate.  This is just a way for our group who put together Fall Fest to help our community. If you’d like to participate, we’ll have donation collection boxes throughout the grounds of Fall Fest on September 8th.  And if you have any questions, please get in touch!



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