Welcome to the Fall Fest official page! 

On September 21st, 2020, we will be hosting the third annual Cheyenne Fall Fest at 1461 Obsidian Road, Cheyenne, Wyo!  It is a craft fair with many local vendors, great food, freshly pressed apple cider, games, and hayrides!  Stop back often for more details!


Our Beginning

Fall Fest planning came to be from a few friends who enjoy everything about autumn, particularly the cool crisp air and the beautiful leaves. Truth be told, though, we enjoy a good craft fair and shopping, too. Granted, Cheyenne offers so many wonderful craft fairs and events already, but they’re all indoors!  This town has a lot of beauty to offer, so we thought, “Hey, why don’t we combine these two great things?”  So here we are!

With almost a year to plan this endeavor, we’ve got lots of time to hear from people like you, right there, reading this now!  Please let us know what you think could make this great!  Right now, the plan is to host an array of local vendors with a variety of products, and also throw in some fun!   We’ll be pressing homemade apple cider on site, so you can enjoy a glass, cool or warm – your choice! – that you can take out on a beautiful hayride across our pastures.  There will be good old time carnival style games!  There will also be a food stand to fill the bellies of all who attend.

The hope for Fall Fest  is to get together within our hometown community for a good time with our friends and family.  Admission and parking will be free.  As long as we have enough interest and vendors to supply the interest, we could have something really exciting here!

Please stop by and see us, and be sure to check our facebook and instagram pages! We’ll certainly be updating as we prepare!  Since we’re newbies to this, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we hope you’re just as excited as we are, and will keep us in the loop about what makes these things fun!

Thanks for checking us out!