Fall Fest 2020

Hello friends!

We’re plugging away at getting Fall Fest ready for 2020, and we have such a great group of vendors and crafters joining us! Here’s the list of who we’re expecting on Saturday, September 19th, 2020 from 10am – 4pm at 1461 Obsidian Road, Cheyenne, WY 82009!

Paparazzi $5 Accessories
Especially 4 You by Jen
Sweet Sagebrush
Lariat home decor
Sherri’s Scones
Circle A Artistry
Blackberry Enterprises
Klenda Country Crafts
Luxury Lane Mobile Boutique
Simplicity 307
Senegence, Bullet Jewelry
Homemade journals
Young Living
A & C Creations
Crafty Lyns
Chimney Rock Glass Works
Back Country Creations
Rustic Jules
Nonna’s Primo Pasta Sauce
Goodies by Kelli
Wyldman Metal Art LLC
D &L Handyworks
De Colores Custom Designs
Stillwaters Transformation
Suzie’s CBD Wellness
Boots and Spurs Boutique
GrandPre’s Creative Crafts and Goodies
Happy Butterfly
The Magic Bakery
Weber’s Wonders N Stuff
Knit/crochet home goods
WY’d Open Dyes
Bounce House
Los Conejos LLC
Tumbleweed Tacos
Border Dogs
Henna Art
Rocking V Metalwork
Redeption Road Coffee
Fae’s Family Creations
Color Street
Scrapbookrose Creates
November’s Cauldron
Butter Barn Farm
Fall Fest shirts
T&B Designs, Wanch Ways, Eclectic Me
All Tied Up
7th Window Jewelry
MyLife Elements Massage and Bodywork, Doterra
The Wicked Paint Western Wear
Dorea Votani
Fandom Theory Embroidery
The Good Stuff
Halloween Costumes, Disney items
Greatest Love Metal Works
The Family Farm
Meridian Trust ATM
All Seasons Cottage
Dot Dot Smile
The Vintage Chicken
Why Knot?
Charlee Beth Designs
MC Sweets
Unique Embroidery
Grandpas Barnwood
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Wyoming Crumb Company
Paul’s Wood Creations
Dragon Wyck Embroidery
Annette – A Private Collection of Jewelry & Accessories
Hustlin Heifers Custom Creations
Looney Bin Krafts
Anderson Alpaca
It’s Your Sign
WY Fresh
Atsa Ink Prints
Ice Cream Island 307
Cole’s Cakes and Crafts
Pure V Water Solutions
Mountain Man

That’s almost 90 vendors! We wanted to have more this year, but due to Covid-19, we had to change our game plan a wee bit. First, we had to add sanitization stations all throughout the grounds. We’ve had to change how we do our game stand to protect the volunteers working as well as anyone playing. Next, we gave everyone even more space than usual. We have the distinct advantage of our 15 acre spread! In years passed, each vendor had 10′ x 10′ with a 2′ gap between them and the next vendor. This year, we’re giving a wide berth and doing a 10′ gap to allow everyone the space to social distance. All of our volunteers and vendors will be masked! We encourage our visitors to wear face masks, too, but we will not require it.

The purpose of this event has always been the same! Give our community a fun and inexpensive day, and help our local crafters and vendors thrive! It’s the perfect season for it, too! The weather forecast right now is just about as good as it gets! Come start your Christmas shopping early, enjoy the local food trucks, and spend quality time with your friends and family at an event that’s done all for you! Cheyenne Fall Fest is a non-money making endeavor. Any of us that you see walking around in the Fall Fest shirts the day of the event, guiding you to restrooms or a certain purchase you’re looking to make, is a volunteer. NO ONE from Cheyenne Fall Fest makes one red cent from this. And we’re happy with that. We take pride in what we’re able to achieve for this one day of togetherness in our community. That, my friends, is the true paycheck.

Thank you all and see you Saturday! Make sure to say hello!


2020 Charities

Good day, Fall Festers! Each year, we pick a charity or two to donate a portion of proceeds (if we have any!) to local charities to keep the money within our communities! This year, we will be donating to Black Dog Animal Rescue and Wyoming Safehouse! One for the people, and one for the pets!

We look forward to seeing everyone this year on September 19th, 2020 at 1461 Obsidian Road, Cheyenne, Wyo from 10am – 4pm!



And the vendors are flowing in!

Fall pictureCan you feel that? The crisp air in the mornings… that can only mean two things, our favorite time of year is near (Fall ya’ll) and Fall Fest is just around the bend!!! This year’s 2019 fall fest will feature 75+ local vendors, fresh pressed cider, animals galore, games, hay rides and so much more!!! We are so excited to have all of our Fall Fest family and friends in Cheyenne gather together to make some awesome fall time memories and we have been working all year to make this another great year! Its Fall Ya’ll and we are so excited!!! Just to give everyone a peek at who’s gonna be here this year, here is our vendors list that we have so far…

  1. Sweet Sagebrush – Diana Wallace
  2. CBD Wellness – Cindy Naasz
  3. Horseshoe Art – Jan Niland
  4. Sara’s Handicrafts – Sara Gunion
  5. JK Crafts – Kelly/John Stewart
  6. Young Living – Trina Sitton
  7. T&K’s Crafty Corner – Tricia Cote
  8. Tupperware – Michelle Shimmin
  9. Sene Gence/Flying Harp – Lindsey Taylor Groves
  10. Wilson Journals – Tara Wilson
  11. Color Street – Jennifer Merriam
  12. CornBaggers-  Cathy Berdan/Heather Glotzer
  13. Wyldman Metal Art – Matthew Hickman
  14. Blackberry Enterprises – Everett VanCampen
  15. Rustic Jules – Richard Sartain
  16. Scentsy – Kelli Cheshire
  17. Wyo Dream Alpacas – Kathy Boltz/Barbara Price
  18. All Tied Up – Cathy Radant
  19. Rockin V Metalwork – Chris/Michelle Vercelli
  20. Smile Doctors by Braces U – Amanda Meyer
  21. Norwex – Dena Leason
  22. Happy Butterfly – Carrie/Alan Bruce
  23. Made by Mandy – Mandy Huseth
  24. ESPecially for you by Jen – Jennifer Esp
  25. Studio 307 – Tania Hytrek
  26. Back Country Creations – Tessa Hall
  27. Wyoming Frontier Exchange – TJ and Krista Barttelbort
  28. Nipa Hut – Melyn
  29. Paparazzi $5 Accessories – Erinn Riney
  30. R&R Leather Works – Roy Varga
  31. Safehouse Services – Colleen Murray
  32. Custom Designs 99 – Jennifer Smith
  33. Perfectly Posh – Kasandra Gess
  34. DBA Dorea Votani – Kim Cilek
  35. Ice Cream Island – Lydia Rayfield
  36. Black Dog Animal Rescue – Maddi Hack
  37. Enchanted Designs – Kathryn Keys
  38. Craftylyns – C. Lynette Cox
  39. Border Dogs – Keith Weaver
  40. Wyoming I Candee – Robin Guffey
  41. Tutoring Club – Katrina Cox
  42. Anderson Alpaca Ranch – Corinna Anderson
  43. Creations by Barb – Barbara Ungles
  44. Chimney Rock Glass Works – Whitney Fiscus
  45. Paredes Perfection – Katrina Paredes
  46. Classy & Sassy Design – Mykaela Irinaka
  47. Rock Solid Properties – Halley Trembath
  48. Crochet/Needle Felt – Kerstin Arkwright
  49. November’s Cauldron – Melodie Hill
  50. Luxury Lane Boutique Bus –  Monica Oliveri
  51. PB&Js307 – Justin Popp
  52. Apple Cider, caramel apples – Susan Lone
  53. Mountain Man Candy Co – Kelly McCoy
  54. AlpacaGlobo Balloon Twisting – Cecilia Villar
  55. A & C Creations – Ashley Knapp
  56. D&L Handyworks – Deb Eutsler
  57. Mile High Fries
  58. Nonna’s Primo Pasta Sauce – Patti Lindell
  59. Circle A Artistry – Ann Wittmann
  60. Creations by JJ – Jennifer Simmons
  61. Klenda Country Crafts – Tracy & Laura Klenda
  62. doTERRA – Vickie Pyle
  63. MS Customs – Melissa Stehwien
  64. TatKat – Laurie Kozusko
  65. Usborne Books/Bundles for Babies – Gretchen/Hanna Young
  66. LuLaRoe – Erica Hensel
  67. WyoHempHub – Amy Eisaman
  68. Homespun Creations – Megan Longstreet
  69. Avon – Holly Palmer


Gettin’ down to the wire, now!

Hi all!

With just 23 days left till Fall Fest, I wanted to remind you of some of the great things happening this year!  Just like last year, it’ll be free entry, free parking, free hayrides, free petting zoo, and a free “Make your own Oobleck” table!  Some of us don’t know what that is, but kids love it!  It’s slime, but it looks like water!  It’s magic in chemistry!

We’ll have donation boxes for four different charities!  First, Black Dog Animal Rescue!  If you joined us at Fall Fest last year, I hope you get to meet that sweet soul Buddy!  He was my foster, and one I’ll never forget!  For Buddy, and my 100+ other fosters over the years, I’ll have a few donation jars throughout Fall Fest for the benefit of BDAR!

Another is the Comea Shelter, right here in Cheyenne!  They are always in need of donations such as soaps, shampoos, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Next is the Friday Food Bags, which helps the kiddos in our schools who may not always get a meal if not for the food offered at school.  This charity prepares bags to send home with school kids on the weekends so they won’t be hungry.

Finally is One Warm Coat.  If you have an old dusty coat in the back of your closet that you haven’t worn since the late 80’s, here’s your chance to free up space!  In my case, it has more to do with the size of my midsection that has me giving up my old favorites!  Any coat you have that you no longer want or can’t wear, someone else here in our community would be grateful to have!

We’ll have several donation bins at Fall Fest.  And if you can’t find them, find me!  I’ll  be making popcorn or cotton candy over by the petting zoo!  Make sure to stop and say hello!  I’ve never met a stranger, and don’t think September 8th will be any exception!  Come see us from 10am – 5pm at 1461 Obsidian Road.  We’re only about 10 minutes east of town!

23 days friends!  Barely a blink!



Giving Back

Part of what makes the Cheyenne community so great is how they help each other GIving backflourish and succeed!  We saw much success at the 2017 Fall Fest, and are hoping to match that again this year!  Last year, we donated a portion of the proceeds from our food stand back to Black Dog Animal Rescue.

This year, we’d like to add to that.  For 2018, we will be a dedicated donation site for One Warm Coat.  We’ll accept your coats you no longer wear that are collecting dust in the back of your closet at Fall Fest this year.  We’ll have several drop boxes available for anyone who would like to donate!  The coats donated will go right back to our own community to those who need it most!

Next, we’re going to be a donation location for the Friday Food Bags, which gives kids in our schools food to help them through the weekend.  Unfortunately, some kids only have the meals offered at school, so over the weekends, holidays, and summer vacation, they don’t have a reliable food source.  The Friday Food Bags supply these kids with a little extra, something so they don’t go hungry.  As soon as I have the list of foods needed for this program, I will post that information.  We’ll have collection boxes for this program as well.

Most of the Cheyenne locals are familiar with the Comea Shelter for the homeless.  With winter coming shortly after Fall Fest, the shelter will fill up.  The Comea Shelter offers people a hand during those hard times.  They, too, rely upon the generous donations from the community.  We’ve been told they are in constant need of toiletries and personal hygiene items.  Even if it’s a travel bottle of shampoo, they’re thrilled!

There is absolutely no obligation for anyone to donate.  This is just a way for our group who put together Fall Fest to help our community. If you’d like to participate, we’ll have donation collection boxes throughout the grounds of Fall Fest on September 8th.  And if you have any questions, please get in touch!







2018 Prep



The Fall Fest team is movin’ and groovin’ with preparations for the 2018 event!  We’re trying to add rabbits to the petting zoo, which will continue to be free, as well as the hayride across the pastures to visit the horses! We’re already seeing a ton of interest from vendors and participants, which makes it that much more fun!  We’re hoping to see this little event grow big and strong!  Truly, though, it’s a heck of a good time, so why not make it bigger!  

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, things that you really liked or didn’t like last year, please shoot us an email at myfallfest@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting!  Stop by for more updates!


As the time draws near

Hello again!  Although I don’t check in as often as I should, please know that preparations are in absolute order for Cheyenne Fall Fest for this year!  Who knew it took so much work?!?!?  Cheyenne Fall Fest is going to hopefully become a yearly event where we can all enjoy the crisp breeze of the season change, support local businesses, and also take the kiddos out to an event that won’t cost a dog gone thing just to walk in the gate!  For that matter, we don’t even have a gate! There will be lots of small games and events for kids from 1 to 91 to participate that won‘t cost one red cent!

Right now, we’re printing the flyers and seeking vendors!  If you have a craft you’d like to sell, please do get in contact with me.  This is a free event for vendors and for visitors.  Vendors, there’s no set up fee as you’d typically see at a craft fair.  The only cost you may have is if you need me to rent a table for you, simply because I don’t have enough tables for everyone!  What I will charge vendors, though, will only be what it costs me to rent the tables.  Nothing more.  RobinHood

My particularly handy husband is still in the process of making my cider press, but it’s in the works!  We’ll have FRESH PRESSED CIDER for sale by the glass.  I’ve got a local farmer in mind even to provide the apples!  We’ll also have a free hayride that goes around the beautiful land we call home.  We’ll be doing a petting zoo will be free.  Tic Tac Toe will be free.  And the food stand games that we, as the hosts, are setting up will cost no more than what it cost us to get the supplies.  Just good old fun, the way it should be! 

Some of the vendors I believe I have lined up right now include POSH Pampering products (which I personally use and love – thank you Jennifer Dunn!), doTERRA essential oils (again, I have a cabinet FULL of these little bottles of amazing), Paparazzi Jewelry, homemade arts and crafts – crochet, knitting, woodworking, etc. -, Mountain Man Candy Company, and so much more!  I’m hoping to have Black Dog Animal Rescue bring a few of their adoptable beauties, because really?  Who doesn’t love furry faces? 

Friends, I hope you’re as excited about this as I am!  I want people to come to have fun, and not have to pay out the nose!  I want you to enjoy the beauty that our Wyoming has to offer!  I want you to bring your kids, knowing they’ll have an incredible time without having to spend a dime! This is going to be fun!  Please let me know if you’re interested in hearing moreWyobeauty!

Thank you so much for your support!





Every year during autumn, I smell that wonderful leafy scent and it takes me back to my childhood.  I’d pretend to help my dad rake the leaves just so I could be outside, and every time he’d get a pile gathered worth mentioning, I’d run and jump into it to obliterate it back into the mess it all began as.  Ahhh, the good times…  I was lucky; he’d keep raking them back into a heap for me anyhow, knowing full well every time I’d promise not to do it again, I was obviously lying.  Even in my 30s, I’m more than happy to destroy a perfectly raked pile of leaves.  Just because I’ve grown older doesn’t mean I’ve grown up.

This year, I’m watching my newly planted leaf trees, and thinking disappointedly, “That’s surely not going to produce a worthy heap.”  Today, I started thinking about stealing the leaves from my in-laws and bringing them to my own yard.  I don’t think they’d mind.  And then I thought about the Fall Fest being planned for next year.  Since my leaves still won’t be substantial enough to give a good effect, I may steal their leaves again next year.  Sure, a clear path is nice, but crunching through and smelling leaves, in my mind, is far better!  Yep, that sounds like a plan!

I’ve also started gathering supplies I need for next year so everyone gets to have a memorable time!  Sure, I’m a planner.  But mostly I do it because the idea of waiting a whole year to do all these awesome things… I don’t have the patience for that!  What I want to do is make this event fun for anyone, whether you’ve come to start some early Christmas shopping or if you’re just taking the family for an inexpensive day out of the house.  I want to have stuff to do that’s free and you-can’t-wait-till-next-year-either fun!  I’m going to see if I can convert my black thumb into a green one, and perhaps grow myself a little patch of gourds for painting.  I want the hayride to remind the adults of their childhood days, and give the kids something to remember long into their adulthood.

There will also hopefully be some stands of just cool and fun things to do.  Like sand art!  I’m using my kids as guinea pigs to see if they think it’s as much fun as I did as a child and, frankly – still do today.  These activities will be inexpensive.  Basically the cost to do it will cover what it cost me to make it available to you.  Translation:  CHEAP!  And game stands of ping pong toss or balloon popping.  Good old games that anyone can do!

I’ve had a few people who have a craft they make or a side business they do ask to set up a table.  Why, sure!  The more, the merrier!  So far, I’m pretty confident of a few crafters.    I have one dear friend who makes her own occasion cards – birthday, wedding, etc.  They’re gorgeous and truly remarkable!  A work of art in it’s own envelope-sized right!  Another friend of mine sells pampering products by a company called POSH that are incredible all on their own, but by purchasing these products, you’re supporting American made goods.  Does it get better than that?!?!?  A doTERRA essential oils representative has also contacted me.  I personally love doTERRA and have my own medicine cabinet that’s strictly doTERRA oils.  I swear by my fever concoction as well as my “ANTI” mix.  And the rep that’s shown interest is a microbiologist, so she can explain the mechanics of how these oils that are sweeping the world work!

The spectrum of vendors will be wide open!  If you’d like to participate, I’d like to have you!  If you have any thoughts you’d like me to know, drop me a line!  I’d love to hear from you!  I want to make this fun for as many people as I possibly can, so I’m more than open to suggestions!  Thanks for visiting, and come back often as I continue to prepare you for the GREATEST FALL FEST OF 2017 I CAN POSSIBLY PLAN!!!

Our beginning

Fall Fest planning came to be from a few friends who enjoy everything about autumn, particularly the cool crisp air and the beautiful leaves. Truth be told, though, we enjoy a good craft fair and shopping, too. Granted, Cheyenne offers so many wonderful craft fairs and events already, but they’re all indoors!  This town has a lot of beauty to offer, so we thought, “Hey, why don’t we combine these two great things?”  So here we are!

With almost a year to plan this endeavor, we’ve got lots of time to hear from people like you, right there, reading this now!  Please let us know what you think could make this great!  Right now, the plan is to host an array of local vendors with a variety of products, and also throw in some fun!  We’re planning on big old tic-tac-toe boards where pumpkins are the O’s and bound cornstalks make for pretty cool X’s.  And in a world where “X’s” are usually a bad thing, we’re going to change the stigma!! Also, we’ll be pressing homemade apple cider on site, so you can enjoy a glass, cool or warm – your choice! – that you can take out on a beautiful hayride across our pastures.  There will also be gourd painting for the  kiddos, as well as good old time carnival style games and sand art! There will also be a food stand to fill the bellies of all who attend.

The hope for Fall Fest 2017 is to get together within our hometown community for a good time with our friends and family.  Admission and parking will be free.  As long as we have enough interest and vendors to supply the interest, we could have something really exciting here!

Please stop by and see us, and be sure to check our facebook page, too.  We’ll certainly be updating as we prepare!  Since we’re newbies to this, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but we hope you’re just as excited as we are, and will keep us in the loop about what makes these things fun!

Thanks for checking us out!